Wording For Slumber Party Invitations

Fun Words for A Super Fun Event

Being creative with your wording for slumber party invitations is really easy if you think of the following equation; kids + pillows = Fun! It is just a matter of making sure you include the pertinent details with being creative with the words you use. Think about all the fun the kids will have being together. Well, don't forget the yummy food and a good movie or two.

Your little princess or prince will surely enjoy having their friends over for a night full of fun and games to celebrate her or his birthday. Come up with some fun themes that the children will enjoy to make your child's birthday bash one for the books.

If this is the first time you will be having children sleep over, you are in for a night of fun and laughter, with a lot of cleaning up in the morning (but really worth it!). Your sweet kid will always remember that night. I know I do!

Your wording for slumber party invitations should give your guests an idea when the party will be, what time it will start, and what fun awaits them. Try to add a bit of flair to it by using rhyming words. Lines like,

"Come celebrate, Anna is turning eight."

"The party begins at 6 o'clock, with tons of fun that just won't stop!"

"So come on over and bring your pillows, and late at night we'll all eat marshmellows!"

It is guaranteed that your guests will be thrilled to receive slumber party invites such as this. So put your thinking cap on and be creative, and inventive.

Putting your creative juices to work can help you write the best wording for slumber party invitations for your child's party. However, if you are running out of words to say, then you can always use any of ours. There are lots of wordings for you to choose from to use for your slumber party invites.

See to it that the place where they will be hanging around is private so they can enjoy the party more. Pop in a good movie once they are preparing to sleep and bring in a round of popcorn. In the morning, prepare a scrumptious meal for them to wake up to and let the fun continue. And when their parents arrive, their kids will surely be telling them how much fun they had experienced and would want one too when it is their time to celebrate. If they're saying to their parents, "do I have to leave now"!, then you know it was a success!

Make your little one's birthday party a successful one by planning and organizing a slumber party complete with invites, games and tons of food. The goal is to keep them happy. And with the right wording for slumber party invitations, every little guest you will be inviting will surely be eager to come and join the fun.

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