Tea Party Wording for Invitations

Recreate a timeless tradition

Tea party wording for invitations should recreate the elegance and the formality that resonates in adult tea parties. When someone says tea party, visions of British gentry, Victorian decor, and possibly Lewis Carols Alice and Wonderland come to mind.

Tea parties are where ladies catch up about themselves, in a backdrop of good music, savory sweets, bite-sized sandwiches and the like. The perfect tea party wording for invitations serve as an omen for the elegant affair that will ensue. Your invitations should capture this captivating mood by making use of words and beautiful design.

Whether you're setting a tea party for little girls or for adult women, here are ways to do just that.

First off, you need to purchase card stocks on which your invitations will be printed. Your choice of paper plays a huge influence on how your invitations look. Always remember that tea parties are usually studded with intricate and ornate decor, so your invitations should also do just that. Choose soft colors for your invitations, such as cream or ivory. Your choice of color should not overpower the design of your invitation.

If you want to forgo the process of making your own invites and save some time, then why not order them online.

Your tea party wording for invitations can be written in such graceful fonts such as Lucida Handwriting and Edwardian Script. If possible, select a font that recreates the feel of the Victorian Era or even something that is pretty and girly will be perfect!

If you're feeling rather playful, you can start your tea party wording for invitations with a verse, poem or quote. Add this at the front or at the top of your invitation, depending on what your invitation looks like. By reading your poem or verse, your guests should immediately know that they are invited to a tea party.

Adult tea parties have invitations that have minimal wordings straight to the point and succinct.

For instance, you can start your invitation with a verbiage that goes:

Tanya Hayes cordially invites you 
to a tea party at the Regal Palace 
Wednesday, April 13, at 2:00 o'clock. 
Please RSVP.

Keep with the formal tone and avoid using too much flowery words.

As for kids tea parties, you can use more creativity with your tea party wording for invitations. You can use lyrical compositions to describe the event that will take place. In a poem or verse, tell them what to wear, what time the party will be held, and where the event will take place. As with adult tea parties, don't forget to add the RSVP!

You're never too young for a tea party! 

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