Housewarming Party
Wording For Invitations

See our Top 10
housewarming party wording for invitations below

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A party is the best way to share the joy that your new home brings you and your family. So why not create an invitation that expresses your happiness and excitement!

As you will see below, all you need is a few fun descriptive words, your party details, and you are ready to go!

Take a look at our Top 10 favorite housewarming invitation wording samples:

1) We got a let's party!

2) All of our things have been moved,
and everything has been set into place.
Come on over and celebrate with us!

3) Please join us as we open our new home to our
Family, friends and neighbors with a housewarming party!
Come help us make our house a home.

4) The scenery's changed, the address is new,
But the door's always open to good friends like you!

5) Please join us as we Break In our new home!

6) Love is the key to making a house a home.

7) We've moved the nest!
Please join us at our new home for cocktails and dancing!

8) Come on over to our new home!
We want you to be the first of our friends to step in,
And warm our home with your love.

9) Come and visit us in our new place,
And let the party go on 'till dawn!

10) For several years, we were on the roam,
But now we have our very own home!
Please come celebrate!

You can choose to use any of the above phrases or instead, you can always play around with our

housewarming party wording for invitations and make it more your own.

After you have come up with a clever intro, add the date and time of the housewarming party, your new home's address and contact number for RSVP.

You may also want to include on your invite if you will be serving food, drinks and deserts or drinks only. That way your guests will know if they should eat a little something before the party.

Save Money and Valuable Time

Your housewarming invitations can also serve as a "We've Moved" announcement. This lets guests know your new address and that you are having a housewarming all at once.


You can easily tweak your housewarming party invitation wording to cater to both if you choose to. By combining the two together, saves you the task of not having to send separate cards. Easy!

Housewarming parties are always a fun event and of course, what makes it more enjoyable is the more the merrier!

Regardless of the type of invitation you would will be sending, what design or layout you will use, your friends and family will no doubt be happy to be included in celebrating your new home!

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