Business Invitation Wording

Perfect your business invitation wording with the Five W's!

In sending out invitations to professional contacts, business invitation wording should always convey a sense of professionalism, no matter how personal it may be. But keep creativity in the forefront. Give them something to talk about!

Even if you send out personal invitations to parties and other significant events, most of these celebrations are outside your profession, so you are given a certain leeway in formality. Thank goodness! The idea is to mix business and a little bit of fun, but with focus on promoting your business while remaining professional.

No matter how small the event...

One should send out a business invitation card or letter to their business contacts as etiquette dictates. It gives the company a chance to formally inform people that you will be welcoming them to celebrate at a specific time and place.

In composing these invitations, the business wording you use should be meticulous. Aside from what is going to be written, other elements in the invitation should also be looked upon.

Since the invitation would represent the company, presentation must be crucial. You cannot just go ahead and print it out on blank invitations that you've purchased at the nearby stationery store. You can go and work with a local printing business and specify the type of invitations you would need.

The kind of business invitation should reflect the company's brand, so be meticulous.

Keep it simple and direct-to-the-point.

The text for the invitation should also be set to one particular type. This adds to the formality of the invitation and would help it appear pleasant to the eye. The type of text used also sets the mood for the occasion, so one should be sure to pick what is appropriate and in good taste.

Business invitation wording should be personal - or give out a feel of being personal - for each addressee, especially if they hold certain positions in other companies you have established ties with.

When composing business invitation wo

When composing business invitation wording, keep in mind to include the following:

The Five W's:

  1. Who will be hosting for the evening.
  2. What is being celebrated.
  3. Where the event will be held.
  4. When it will happen.
  5. Why your company is hosting it.

It is also important to consider providing a good overview on the "Why part" of the invitation and explaining the goals for the evening. This will give the guests a general idea of what to expect from the event.

One should also take good care to indicate that their guests RSVP. This will help one manage the guests well with regards to certain important matters such as their seating arrangements.

Provide contact details

It's important that your guests be able to reach you if they have any concerns, questions or especially if they are lost and need help getting to the party!

Creating invitations are easy, and for business purposes, you can add a personal touch or two in the invitation wording, as long as it doesn't go against the image of the business.

Representation is a big factor in business invitation wording and it's going to give your company a smooth finishing touch for building your business event.

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