1st Birthday Invitation Wording

Fun and festive 1st birthday invitation wording and invitation ideas. 

Take a look at our birthday wording below for inspiration to write your own or feel free to copy any 1st birthday invitation sayings, quotes or poems below to complete your baby's first party invitations.

Love is...
a First Birthday Celebration!

I'm having a party
for my 1st Birthday, you see.
So won't you come eat cake
and ice cream with me!

Lots of loved ones
are gathering this day,
to celebrate Grace's
Happy 1st Birthday!

It's the Big One!
Please say you'll come!

It's My First Birthday
and I just want to say,
Please come and celebrate
this special day!

How much fun
can a 1st Birthday Party be?
Come on over
and you will see!

Join us for a "Tweet" 1st Birthday Party!

year of laughter,
a year of fun!
Our precious little Ladybug
is turning one!

Saddle up
and ride this way,
you're not gonna wanna miss
Evans First Birthday!

You're not gonna want to miss this day,
our Princess Hannah's turning the big ONE!

It's the ONE and only...Joshua!
Join us as we celebrate
our baby boy's 1st Birthday~

Just a little note to say,
you're invited to celebrate
Jackson's 1st happy birthday!

Look whooo's turning ONE!

Howdy Pardner's!
Bryan's fixin' to have a whole mess of fun,
all on account of turning one!

The 1st birthday invitation wording for baby's very first celebration will have quite a bit of special meaning. This day will be filled with lots of smiles and laughter that will make it all worth while.

Decide on a theme...

When it comes to parties, fun is the key word! If farm animals, cars and trucks, or Hello Kitty makes them giggle, then you have found your perfect theme. A themed party is always a hit and will ensure, hopefully:) smiling faces for at least most of the day!

While your one-year old more than likely won't remember their first birthday party, at least he or she will have something to look back on when they are much, much older! Creating good memories for your baby is a wonderful thing!

If you are still at a loss as to what to put on your child's very 1st birthday party invitations, don't hesitate to ask for help from friends and family members.

Whatever you decide on, your baby will have a great time, no matter what! And everything you have done will be well worth it.

So, make sure to have a camera on hand and don't forget the batteries and of course, the film!

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby!

1st Birthday Invitation Wording

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