Wording For Invitations

Need ideas to create an awesome invitation?

We cordially invite you to browse or even copy any phrasing from our collection of fun and creative wording samples to create or add to your own DIY or professionally created party invites.

You will find lots of happy celebration examples in traditional and modern styles to add to your evites, custom, personalized or do-it-yourself invitations. With styles ranging from Weddings to Birthdays, to Baby and Bridal Showers, Graduations, Business, Holidays, Save The Date and more, you're sure to find the ideal wording!

Whether you are announcing your celebration to the whole wide world or just a few, the right words will tie it all together to complete a personal or business invitation that you will love to send, and that will be received with a smile!

To get started, simply browse through the different links and categories to find those oh-so-perfect words!

Let the anticipation of excitement begin with a fun and catchy or formal, more traditional phrase that can be added to the top of any invite.

May it be a poem, quote or saying that is especially meaningful to you or just down right funny that can be seamlessly incorporated in to your paper or online invites. Your invitations will shine with the wording you use.

You will also find great examples of invitation templates that will help you in choosing the best invitation. The idea is to let everyone you send an invitation to, know that it will be the party, celebration or event they won't want to miss!

If you find it a bit challenging to come up with your own idea for a template or text, feel free to use ours for your personal or business invitations. It's just that easy!

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